Lambeth Academy

About Lambeth Academy

Type of School: Academy
School Category: Non-Maintained
Age range of pupils: 11-18
Gender of pupils: Mixed
Number of pupils on roll: 950 + 130 in the 6th Form

Our Values

At Lambeth Academy we want to ‘be exceptional’. We want to do everything to the best of our ability and fulfil our potential. Underpinning our mission to ‘be exceptional’ are our values.

We strive to be:

  • United
  • Ambitious
  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative
  • Empowering

Our Lambeth Academy ‘exceptional’ lesson

In our lessons we commit to trying to ‘be exceptional’. We will all play our part in creating a positive learning environment. This means that...

  • We will greet each other at the door with a smile!
  • We will be ready to learn at the very start of the lesson
  • We will use a seating plan and stay in our seats unless given permission to move
  • We will have all of our equipment out and ready – this includes our planners, pencil case and books. Everything else will be cleared from the desk
  • We will encourage each other and work together so that everyone can learn
  • We will try our hardest to achieve even those tasks we find difficult
  • We will work with enthusiasm

Lambeth Academy is sponsored by United Learning (UL).

United Learning was established to create a family of academies that provide outstanding education. It was formed in 2002 as a subsidiary of the United Church Schools Trust (UCST) which has been running high quality independent schools in the UK for more than 125 years.

United Learning offers the stability of an organisation with a long term commitment to education in this country and the experience to run successful schools.

UL is the largest single sponsor of academies in the UK. Its academies are inclusive and welcoming schools, where students of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities are valued and respected.

As a member of the United Learning  family, Lambeth Academy shares the objective of bringing out ‘the best in everyone’, enabling each pupil to become a balanced, happy and articulate person with the intellectual freedom to be creative; confidence to initiate; flexibility to respond to challenge, change and adversity; compassion to serve others; spirit to enjoy life; integrity to be trustworthy; and motivation to have a lifelong love of learning.

Our Community

Lambeth Academy is a true school for the community, which is mirrored in our successful application for Full International School Award. We are proud of the diverse backgrounds of all our pupils and staff. We hold a twin specialism of English and Business Enterprise.